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   Workshop for "Reproductive Health Medicines." Dakar, Senegal. 12-14 February 2014.




Workshop for RH Medicines, Senegal 12-14 February 2014












  Workshop on Reproductive Health Medicines, Nepal - March 2014






































  Workshop  on "Procurement of Quality Assured Reproductive Health Medicines." Kathmandu, Nepal. 04-05 March 2014.


  Workshop on "Strengthening Quality Assurance of Reproductive Health Medicines" in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, 12-13 June 2014.


  Workshop on "Male and Female Condom Prequalification" and "Green Procurement" in Kaulalampur, Malaysia, 29th September - 03rd October 2014.

Green Procurement

  UNFPA/WHO Whorkshop to introduce the ERP process to Reproductive Health Manufacturers and training on WHO PQP in Mumbai, India. 04th November to 07th November 2014.

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