AccessRH: Access to reproductive health supplies starts here…

AccessRH is a UNFPA-managed reproductive health procurement and information service that aims to improve access to quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health (RH) commodities and reduce delivery times for low- and middle-income country government and non-governmental organization (NGO) clients. AccessRH also offers accurate, up-to-date information on contraceptive orders and shipments for more than 140 countries through a website that is unique in the field.

Access contraceptive order and shipment data

To ensure reliable management of contraceptive supplies, information needs to be shared among decision makers across supply chain functions. A key feature of AccessRH is its internet portal,, which incorporates the RHInterchange, the first and only site to provide continuously-updated data on global contraceptive orders and shipments. AccessRH enables ministries of health, NGOs, technical assistance providers, advocacy groups, and donors to access critical information for decision making on contraceptive orders and actual monitoring of current shipments.

Maximize reproductive health resources

In addition to enabling monitoring of contraceptive orders, equips countries with other tools to realize their reproductive health objectives and help maximize limited staff and financial resources. Through its online Catalog, AccessRH allows clients to order multiple products from a variety of manufacturers at prices negotiated up-front by UNFPA for delivery around the world. National governments, NGOs, and others that purchase for the public sector will benefit from the volume pricing and quality assurance that comes with products purchased from UNFPA pre-qualified manufacturers.

Order items from stock for faster delivery

The AccessRH concept is based on a managed inventory of standard RH products held on UNFPA’s behalf by manufacturers. This approach helps countries prevent stock outs of critical RH supplies by mitigating lengthy production lead times for certain commodities.

AccessRH began maintaining an inventory of condoms in early 2011, and has reduced lead times for condom orders by an average of 10 weeks thus far. Stocks of other key contraceptives will be added in the near future; in the mean time, AccessRH Catalog items can be ordered from production.

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A collaborative effort

AccessRH is supported by the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition and the financial backing and active engagement of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Community, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and in-kind support from USAID.


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