12 September 2012

Consulting with Faith-Based Organizations on the Post-2015 Agenda

As part of a broader process to engage with civil society, the UN Development Group consulted with a group of faith-based organizations on the post-2015 development framework. This report outlines the highlights of the discussions.

The meeting was hosted by UNFPA, as the Chair of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Engagement with FBOs for Sustainable Development. It was co-Chaired by UNFPA’s Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Kate Gilmore and Mr. Olav Kjörven, Deputy Administrator of UNDP and Director of the Bureau for Development Policy.

The 20 partners invited for this consultation included faith-based international organizations with a regional and country-level presence and a shared commitment to human rights and dignity. They represented a diversity of faiths, regional expertise and development interventions.

For many of the organizations represented, the Millennium Declaration remains powerful. Its moral content (including human rights, poverty alleviation, peace and security) is ‘forever valid’, they maintain, and a continued sense of commitment and obligation to these goals by the international community is fundamental.