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Welcome, UNFPA Web Focal Points!

What is the policy on UNFPA Country Office websites?

The Web/Multimedia Team (IERD) encourages Country Office to actively maintain a website for informational purposes, provided that they have the in-house capacity to develop and maintain the content. Otherwise, they should use the country-by-country section of the regional portals to provide basic information about activities at the country level. This can include the distribution of press releases and feature stories that are relevant to the region. For more information on how to update the country-by-country section of the regional portals, please contact web@unfpa.org.

Does UNFPA offer a web-publishing platform for Country Offices?

The HQ web team is able offer a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) to country offices that wish to maintain a basic web site. The basic site has several pre-defined and fixed sections for contact information, country programme docs, country overview, news, publications, events, related links, etc. We do not recommend this CMS for offices who wish to maintain more in-depth or elaborate sites. At this time, the CMS does not support multi-lingual pages.

Offices with the capacity to do so may build their own web site independent of the CMS. In such cases, we advise them to procure their own hosting. We are not supporting mysql or any other databases on the HQ server, and we can only provide basic FTP access for uploading.

The HQ web team no longer supports the 'Contribute' platform, so COs who currently publish content using the FO Web may be unable to obtain templates, new user ids, or specific, technical guidance from this branch.

Can I see some examples of websites published using the CMS?

How will I know whether the CMS is the right web publishing solution for our Country Office for my office?

To help decide whether the CMS is right for a CO, the Web Team created this questionnaire. Answer all of these questions, either 'Yes' or 'No.'

Do you need the site to be in a language other than English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Russian?
Do you need the site to be multi-lingual? (English and French, for example) yes
Do you plan to create an elaborate site consisting of several pages (more than 10-15)? yes
Do you need to create pages with more than one level of sub-menus? yes
Do you have or plan to incorporate database applications or other similar dynamic content? yes

Answering 'yes' to any of the above questions indicates that the CMS is not the solution for your office's website. If you answered 'no' to all of these questions, then the CO should consider using the CMS as a web-publishing platform.

What if I answered 'yes' to one of the above questions?

We strongly advise you to independently hire a web developer or company to produce your site. You should also make your own arrangements for web hosting. Regardless, your site must conform with the Online Publishing Guidelines, which have been approved and included in UNFPA's Policies and Procedures Manual, and you must register your site with Headquarters. Please see the HQ web team contact information in the left column of this page.

What happened to the old web-publishing platform? Can I still use it for my CO site?

The HQ web team no longer supports the 'Contribute' platform, so COs who currently publish content on the FO Web server may be unable to obtain templates, new user ids, or specific technical guidance from the Web Team.

How do I get started with the CMS?

  1. Please review the UNFPA Online Publishing Guidelines , which have been included in the PPM. The guidelines, and particularly the included checklists, are tools to aid you in the planning and preparation of your web site. Download the guidelines: english | français | español

  2. Email us your desired launch date and the name(s) of the staff member(s) who will use the CMS.

  3. We will send you a temporary URL for your site within a week of receipt of your e-mail, along with the requisite usernames and passwords. When your site is ready to launch, we will activate the standard domain name, which conforms to country.unfpa.org.