Delivering supplies for reproductive health results

Few things have a greater impact on the life of a woman than the number and spacing of her children. Access to safe, quality and effective contraceptives, medicines and equipment is paramount to her reproductive health and ability to plan her family.
UNFPA has been procuring reproductive health supplies for the developing world for over 40 years.  Our expertise extends to managing a global supply chain that responds to the needs of our partners in development. 
UNFPA partners with governments, program donors and NGOs that benefit from the volume pricing and quality assurance that come with products procured from UNFPA suppliers.

News on Procurement

USAID and UNFPA collaborate on Supply Chain
18 December 2014 USAID and UNFPA collaborate on Supply Chain
Coordinated supply planning between development partners helps achieve greater efficiencies and reduces global supply risks for family planning commodities.
5 December 2014 Website under development
The procurement section of this website is currently under development.

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