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Some groups think we are too young to know. They should know we are too young to die.

Hector Osorio Bogran, 22, Honduras

Global Youth Partners Campaign Strategy

Global Youth Partners represents:

A youth-driven advocacy campaign for access to HIV/AIDS information, education and services, especially among under-served youth. Global Youth Partners strives to ensure that policies, programmes, financial and personal investments for young people are a priority in responses to HIV/AIDS locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

Advocacy efforts focus on working with decision makers to ensure that policies, programmes and investments for young people are a priority in the national response to HIV/AIDS.
While global in scope, the campaign is defined by local action in each of our countries. Our efforts mobilize local and national governments, NGOs, funders, the media, faith-based organizations and the private sector.
Through capacity building and partnerships, our campaign harnesses the forces of change and gives voice to the aspirations, dreams and needs of young people.

The Global Youth Partners campaign builds on and draws from the philosophy of youth-adult partnerships. In a true partnership each party has the opportunity to make suggestions and decisions, and the contribution of each is recognized and valued. A youth-adult partnership is one in which adults work in full partnership with young people on issues facing youth and/or on programmes and policies affecting youth. Young people have the right to participate in developing programmes that will serve them and a right to shape the policies that will affect them. In the context of the Global Youth Partners campaign, adults and youth are working in full partnership to ensure young people are a priority in national responses to HIV/AIDS. Youth-adult partnerships not only enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the campaign, but also provide important opportunities for both the youth and adults involved. Partnering with youth and involving them in decision making provides youth with essential opportunities and capacity building, and in turn enriches UNFPA's ways of dealing with youth.

Global Youth Partners are working to:

Advocate for supportive and enabling HIV prevention policies at national level.
Advocate for commitment to and support for expanded HIV prevention programmes.
Mobilize resources for programmes to prevent HIV infections among young people that are in situations and settings that make them most vulnerable to HIV.

Primary Audience

The advocacy campaign is primarily directed at those who make decisions in the area of policy, funding and programmes.

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