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"The global HIV/AIDS epidemic, through its devastating scale and impact, constitutes a global emergency and one of the most formidable challenges to human life and dignity, as well as to the effective enjoyment of human rights, which undermines social and economic development throughout the world and affects all levels of society— national, community, family and individual."

— Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS,
UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, 2001


In 2002, UNFPA was designated as the "convening agency" on HIV/AIDS issues related to young people and to condom programming for UNAIDS. This designation formalizes the Fund’s leadership in HIV/AIDS policy advice and strategic guidance, and requires the Fund to serve as a system-wide resource for the United Nations. UNFPA has taken steps to ensure that work among the UNAIDS co-sponsors in these two areas is coordinated, complementary and synergistic. Efforts are under way to map out what each agency is doing at the global and regional levels, and to develop, collect and assess policy, programming and evaluation tools.

Also in 2002, UNFPA participated in the fiveyear UN evaluation of UNAIDS, and served as co-chair, with UNIFEM, of the UNAIDS Interagency Task Team on HIV/AIDS and Gender. The Fund also participated in task teams on the prevention of HIV transmission to pregnant women, mothers and their children; monitoring and evaluation; education; and the world of work.

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