News on Child marriage

5 June 2014
AFAMBO, Ethiopia – From birth, Kadiga Mohammed was set to marry her first and eldest cousin, a traditional practice known as ‘absuma’ in her community in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. When she turned 16, her parents... Read more
2 April 2014
XESACMALJA, Guatemala - The tiny town of Xesacmalja, four hours west of the capital, Guatemala City, is nestled between pine forests and surrounded by streams. The streets are usually quiet in this poor Mayan village,... Read more
14 May 2013
Español Nearly 40 per cent of Guatemala's 14 million people belong to one of more than 20 indigenous Mayan groups. A disproportionate number live in poor and isolated rural areas with limited access to basic services... Read more
17 January 2013
Ethiopia's work with adolescent girls has garnered first prize in a Fund-wide contest to identify good practices related to adolescents and youth. Criteria included relevance (to UNFPA's strategic plan), innovation (in... Read more
15 November 2012
In the News
"We know maternal health medicines are safe, we know they’re effective, we know they’re essential to keeping women healthy throughout pregnancy and childbirth," said Kristy Kade at the Wilson Center on October 23. But... Read more
16 July 2012
ADDIS ABABA -- UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin today called on African First Ladies to use their positions and voices to stop early child marriage and teenage pregnancy. In a speech read on his behalf... Read more
6 January 2010
KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo — Years of conflict and instability mean the Democratic Republic of Congo is still among the worst countries in the world to be pregnant, despite a nationwide push to improve... Read more
10 May 2002
UNITED NATIONS, New York - An expert panel warned today that early marriage truncates many life opportunities for girls, violating their human rights and often negatively impacting their health. The experts, gathered to... Read more
11 July 2003
KABUL—“If my parents tried to force me to marry, I would refuse,” declared Zohal, 16, as her fellow students nodded in agreement. The Afghan teenagers had just heard government leaders say that early marriage closes... Read more
9 September 2005
NAROK, Kenya—Silvia Selula looks dazed and lost. A faint wrinkle creases her otherwise cherubic face. Occasionally a furtive smile appears at the corner of her mouth. Her face says a lot about what she has endured,... Read more