99/18.      ICPD+5 The Executive Board


The Executive Board

1.       Takes note of the report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Whole of the Twenty-first Special Session of the General Assembly and, in particular, of the key actions for further implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD (A/S-21/3/Add.1);

2.       Warmly acknowledges the role played by the United Nations Population Fund in preparatory and related activities that ensured that the special session was a success;

3.       Recognizes that:

(a)      Implementation of the key actions agreed at ICPD+5 calls for more concerted effort from the international community;

(b)     The United Nations system, including all United Nations funds, agencies and programmes, have a key role in supporting effective action in relation to ICPD;

(c)     UNFPA in particular must play an effective leadership role to ensure that the goal of universal access to reproductive health is achieved by 2015;

4.       Requests the Executive Director, therefore, to present to the Executive Board at its annual session 2000 a report for approval on the strategic role of UNFPA in supporting countries' implementation of relevant key actions contained in the report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Whole of the Twenty-first Special Session of the General Assembly.  The report should be prepared in parallel with the multi-year funding framework paper being presented to the Board at the second regular session 2000.  In particular, the report should:

(a)     Describe how the Fund will fulfil its leadership role within the United Nations system in assisting countries to take the action necessary to ensure availability of reproductive health services and products;

(b)     Outline working arrangements and mechanisms for coordination with programme country Governments, other agencies of the United Nations system and with donors, including within the framework of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework and resident coordinator system and sector-wide approaches, to ensure coherence at the international, regional and country levels;

(c)     Present the strategic priorities within the framework of ICPD+5 that will guide and focus the Fund's actions, engagement and resource allocation at the international, intercountry and country levels.


17 September 1999