99/4.   UNFPA and sector-wide approaches

The Executive Board

1.        Takes note with appreciation of the report on sector-wide approaches contained in document DP/FPA/1999/CRP.1;

2.        Encourages UNFPA to take an active part in the policy-making and planning stages in the sector-wide approaches in programme countries, with the concurrence and the overall guidance of national Governments, and to take an important advocacy role regarding reproductive and sexual health services and reproductive rights in such processes, taking into account the principles of the ICPD Programme of Action;

3.        Requests UNFPA, in this context, to broaden and strengthen the competencies required to secure full and active participation of UNFPA in the policy-making and planning stages in sector-wide approaches, and to strengthen arrangements to access a full range of technical expertise;

4.        Requests UNFPA to consider further, in consultation with partners, challenges and opportunities for a full-fledged involvement by UNFPA in the sector-wide approaches and to examine the need for changes of administrative and financial regulations, if any, that could facilitate the involvement of UNFPA, taking into account the multi-year funding framework;

5.        Requests the Executive Director to present to the Executive Board at its second regular session 2000 a conference room paper on the involvement of UNFPA in sector-wide approaches.


16 April 1999