98/11.        UNFPA Work plan for 1999-2002 and programme expenditure authority


The Executive Board

1.        Notes programme resource planning proposals of the Executive Director as set out in document DP/FPA/1998/5 and as revised by the Deputy Executive Director at the annual session 1998;

2.        Approves the request for 1999 programme expenditure authority at a level equal to expected new programmable resources for 1999, currently estimated at $263 million, and requests the Executive Director to report to the Executive Board on any significant increases or shortfalls in estimated income for the year 1999;

3.        Notes the following estimates of new programmable resources from regular resources for programme planning for the period 2000-2002: $283 million for 2000; $303 million for 2001; and $325 million for 2002;

4.        Requests the Executive Director to take steps to evolve the work plan into a more focused, analytical and outcome orientated document;

5.        Invites the Executive Director in formulating the work plan for 2000-2003 to increase the proportion of program¬≠mable resources.


12 June 1998