97/26. Estimates for the United Nations Population Fund support budget for the biennium 1998-1999


The Executive Board

1.        Takes note of the 1998-1999 biennial support budget estimates of the United Nations Population Fund, as contained in document DP/FPA/1997/14, as well as of the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions thereon (DP/FPA/1997/15);

2.        Urges the Executive Director to make every effort to contain both the administrative and the programme support costs at headquarters and in the field, as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions; 

3.        Also urges the Executive Director to keep under review the prevailing climate of uncertainty regarding future income, particularly by delaying the filling of the proposed new positions of UNFPA Representatives at an estimated cost of $1,635,044, when implementing the budget for the 1998-1999 biennium;

4.        Welcomes the new format for the presentation of the budget in line with decision 97/6, item 5, on the harmonization of budget presentations;

5.        Approves gross appropriations in the amount of $143,255,500 for the purposes indicated below and resolves that the income estimates of $15,707,000 shall be used to offset the gross appropriations, resulting in estimated net appropriations of $127,548,500; 

1998-1999 biennial support budgets*
(Thousands of United States dollars)

Programme support:

     Country offices 73,484.2
     Headquarters 26,811.5
             Subtotal 100,295.7
Management and administration of the organization 42,959.7
Total gross appropriations 143,255.5
Less: Estimated income to the budget 15,707.0
Estimated net appropriations 127,548.5

 * As reflected in the table on "UNFPA resource plan", dated 15 September 1997, and distributed on 17 September 1997 to the Executive Board.

6.        Authorizes the Executive Director to redeploy resources between appropriation lines up to a maximum of 5 per cent of the appropriation to which the resources are redeployed;

7.        Requests the Executive Director to report to the Executive Board at its third regular session 1998 on progress in implementing the support budget for the biennium 1998-1999, taking into account relevant developments until that time as well as foreseeable trends with regard, inter alia, to the income level for 1998 and the projections for 1999, the expected level of programme expenditure in 1998, as well as the United Nations reform process;

8.        Also requests the Executive Director to present an oral report to the Executive Board at its second regular session 1998 on the criteria and mechanisms to be used for any readjustment to the biennial support budget for 1998-1999 in the event of any significant shortfall in income;

9.        Recommends that the Executive Director undertake a study on multi-bilateral and trust fund arrangements and report to the Executive Board at the third regular session 1998, taking into account the ongoing study of the United Nations Development Programme on the same topic.


19 September 1997