97/13. UNFPA information and communication strategy


The Executive Board

1.        Takes note of the report on the United Nations Population Fund information and communication strategy (DP/FPA/1997/8) and the comments made thereon by the Executive Board;

2.        Endorses the overall goal of the United Nations Population Fund information and communication strategy, which is to promote the principles, goals and objectives of the International Conference on Population and Development and to help turn these principles, goals and objectives into practical reality at the national, regional and international levels;

3.        Further endorses the specific goals and corresponding strategies of the information and communication activities of the United Nations Population Fund as contained in paragraphs 4 and 22 of the report;

4.        Stresses the importance of maintaining linguistic balance in the electronic dissemination of information;

5.        Also stresses that monitoring and evaluation are integral and important parts of information and communication activities and that there is a need to strengthen these functions, taking into account the difficulty, methodologically and operationally, of measuring the impact or effectiveness of such activities;

6.        Requests the Executive Director to report orally each year, at the annual session, on the progress in the implementation of the present decision and on the coordinating efforts undertaken in this area within the United Nations system;

7.        Also requests the Executive Director to review the Fund's information and communication strategy in four years and to report thereon to the Executive Board at its annual session 2001.

16 May 1997