96/3.  Global contraceptive commodity programme


The Executive Board

1.       Takes notes  of the report, as contained in document DP/FPA/1996/3, and of the comments made during the Executive Board session;

2.       Endorses the establishment of a global contraceptive commodity programme, to be managed by the United Nations Population Fund, and funded with an initial capitalization of $5 million, as set out in paragraph 23 of document DP/FPA/1996/3, as an integral component of the overall work of the Fund in strengthening reproductive health programmes, including family planning and sexual health, and emphasizes that these activities should be monitored carefully to ensure that they adhere to technical standards of safety and quality;

3.       Requests the Executive Director to submit an annual progress report on the activities and the management of the global contraceptive commodity programme to the Executive Board, paying particular attention to the progress in strengthening national capacities to deal with the logistical aspects of contraceptive procurement;

4.       Requests the Executive Director to engage in further appropriate collaboration and coordination with other relevant United Nations entities, in particular, the Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office and the World Health Organization, active in the fields of procurement and reproductive health;

5.       Requests the Executive Director to arrange an overall independent and external evaluation of the global contraceptive commodity programme at a time to be decided by the Executive Board, particularly with regard to its impact on national capacity-building in order to provide the Board with the information required to make a decision on whether the programme should be continued or ended.

19 January 1996