95/34.    UNFPA: Technical support services arrangements


The Executive Board

1.         Takes note of the report of the Executive Director as contained in document DP/1995/40;

2.         Also takes note of the proposals contained therein and welcomes the plan of the Executive Director to strengthen the technical support services (TSS) arrangements, and in particular the country support teams;

3.         Requests the Executive Director to enhance the contribution of the TSS arrangements towards national capacity-building;

4.         Also notes with concern the heavy workloads of some staff of the country support teams, and requests the Executive Director to monitor carefully the adequacy of the arrangements proposed, especially in relation to Africa, and consider further the probable need to reassign TSS specialists posts to country support teams;

5.         Stresses the need to ensure that the country support teams have staff with the skills and experience to contribute effectively to national efforts to attain those goals of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, for which the United Nations Population Fund has responsibility, especially in relation to reproductive health;

6.         Requests the Executive Director to report annually to the Executive Board, starting at the third regular session 1997, on the implementation and monitoring of the technical support services arrangements;

7.         Further requests the Executive Director to include in its report to the Executive Board in 1997:

(a)            Details of progress made in implementing the technical support services arrangements with regard to the proposed change of coordinator posts to specialists posts at the United Nations and its regional commissions and at World Health Organization regional offices, as contained in paragraph 60 of document DP/1995/40;

(b)            An assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the specialists posts, and details of measures taken to strengthen the teamwork between TSS specialists and country support teams and to strengthen the advocacy function of TSS specialists;

8.         Authorizes the Executive Director to commit an amount of $107 million over the four-year period 1996-1999 to implement the TSS arrangements.


15 September 1995