90/35.  United Nations Population Fund


            The Governing Council

            Recalling General Assembly resolution 3019 (XXVII) of 18 December 1972 and Economic and Social Council resolution 1763 (LIV) of 18 May 1973 (reaffirmed by the Economic and Social Council in resolution 1986/7 of 21 May 1986) and taking into account the views expressed by delegations at its thirty-seventh session (1990) during consideration of matters concerning the United Nations Population Fund,

            Also recalling General Assembly resolution 44/210 of 22 December 1989 on future needs in the field of population, including the development of resource requirements for international population assistance,

            Emphasizing the sovereignty of nations in the formulation, adoption and implementation of their population policies, consistent with basic human rights and responsibilities of individuals, couples and families,

    1.   Takes note of the reports of the Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund on the activities of the Fund in 1989 (DP/1990/45, parts I, II and III and DP/1990/46, parts I and II) and welcomes the use of the Executive Director's annual report as a vehicle for reporting also on matters of special interest to the Council;

    2.   Expresses its appreciation to all contributors to the United Nations Population Fund;

    3.   Encourages all countries that are able to do so to initiate, increase or resume, as appropriate, contributions in 1990 and future years and to make their payments as early as possible in the year for which the pledge is made;

    4.   Welcomes the willingness of the members of the Development Assistance Committee, as expressed in the December 1989 policy statement by the Development Assistance Committee aid ministers and heads of aid agencies, to help developing countries to establish, fund and implement effective population strategies and programmes as a matter of priority;

    5.   Reiterates the request that the Executive Director submit a report, as a special section in her annual report for 1990, on the implementation of the modified criteria in designating priority countries, as set out in decision 88/34 of 1 July 1988, notably on progress relating to the attainment of the 80 per cent level of country programme resources to the priority countries, keeping in mind the Council's request in decision 89/49 of 30 June 1989 that she take into account the desirability of further concentration of resources on countries most in need of assistance in the population field, and notably the poorest developing countries;

    6.   Notes with satisfaction the results of the International Forum on Population in the Twenty-first Century, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in November 1989; considers that the population goals, objectives, priorities and approaches set forth in the Amsterdam declaration are of considerable importance and relevance to national and international endeavours in the population field and should be taken duly into account in the formulation of population policies and programmes; and encourages the Fund, within existing mandates, to sustain the momentum generated by the Amsterdam Forum through continued follow-up on the recommendations of the Amsterdam Declaration;

    7.   Takes note of the unmet and expanding resource needs for population activities as expressed in the Amsterdam Declaration and further elaborated in document DP/1990/44, and urges all Governments, concerned international and regional organizations, including the World Bank, and non-governmental organizations to make every effort to increase significantly their allocations to population activities in order to reach the target of $9 billion per year by the year 2000;

    8.   Takes note also of the indispensability of complementary social investments into health and education, especially for women, for the success of population programmes, as elaborated in document DP/1990/44, and with this in mind urges all Governments of developing countries to increase their political and financial commitments to investments in the social sector and all Governments of developed countries, as well as concerned international, regional and non-governmental organizations, to strengthen their financial and technical support to the areas of health and education;

    9.   Stresses the primary role of Governments in the coordination of population activities at the national level and the role of the United Nations Population Fund, upon request, in supporting development of national capacities in this respect; further stresses the need for coordination at the regional and interregional level to focus on issues related to the attainment of specific population goals and objectives;

    10.  Requests the United Nations Population Fund to take the necessary steps to initiate the preparation, based on specific country studies, of a joint report on collaborative programme activities with the United Nations Children's Fund and  as far as possible other organizations, notably the World Health Organization and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and to submit the report to the Governing Council at its thirty-ninth session (1992);

    11.  Encourages, in conformity with General Assembly resolution 44/211 of 22/December 1989, measures by the United Nations Population Fund to strengthen and utilize national capacities through, inter alia, national execution; to enhance accountability; to adopt a programme-oriented approach and decentralize capacity and authority to the field level; and to support coordination of the United Nations system at the country level through the Resident Coordinators; and in this context encourages the Fund to increase the utilization of available national expertise in the formulation and implementation of population assistance activities, and to inform the Council regularly on developments;

    12.  Encourages the United Nations Population Fund to take the steps necessary to ensure the effective implementation of General Assembly resolution 44/210, which, inter alia, stressed the importance of taking duly into account the outcome of the Amsterdam Forum in the preparations for and the deliberations of all relevant forthcoming United Nations conferences, particularly the proposed international meeting on population in 1994, the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, and the Second United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries in 1990, and in the preparations of the international development strategy for the fourth United Nations development decade;

    13.  Requests the United Nations Population Fund, when allocating resources, to take into account the urgency of meeting unmet demands for family planning services, including through the provision of contraceptives and the development of production capacity for contraceptives in developing countries, so that creation of awareness and other demand-side measures are made fully effective;

    14.  Takes note with satisfaction of the Executive Director's periodic report on the evaluation activities of the United Nations Population Fund (DP/1990/49); recognizes the usefulness of such activities as both a management and information tool; welcomes the introduction and expanded use of the programme review and strategy development exercise which combines country programme evaluation, needs assessment and strategy development components; encourages expanded development and use of the Lessons Learned Database; and requests the United Nations Population Fund to distribute copies of evaluation reports to interested parties and to continue to make biennial reports on evaluation to the Council as called for in paragraph 8 of Governing Council decision 82/20 I of 18 June 1982;

    15.  Reiterates its request that the Executive Director submit a report to the Council at its thirty-eighth session (1991) on the continued implementation of the Fund's strategy for assistance to sub-Saharan Africa as per paragraph 9 of section/A of Governing Council decision 89/46 of 30 June 1989;

    16.  Notes with appreciation the Fund's 1990 State of World Population report; agrees with the report that population growth and distribution factors play a key role in safeguarding the environment and fostering development; that human resource development should receive a high degree of attention in the Fourth Development Decade and that efforts in family planning, women's advancement, health and education are mutually reinforcing and should be pursued in parallel;

    17.  Welcomes the important contribution of the United Nations Population Fund publications and other public information efforts in promoting awareness, both in developed and developing countries, of population issues and their social, economic and environmental implications;

    18.  Reiterates its request that the Executive Director report to the Council at its thirty-eighth session (1991) on the final two years of the implementation of the strategy to strengthen the capacity of the Fund to deal with issues concerning women, population and development, as per decision 89/46 A, 11; and requests the Executive Director to submit proposals in that report for follow-up of the strategy;

    19.  Reiterates its recommendation, as contained in paragraph 21 of section A of decision 89/46 of 30 June 1987 that, in order to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues in the context of overall development plans and programmes and the need to find solutions for these issues, 11 July should be observed by the international community as World Population Day;

    20.  Reiterates the decision it took in paragraph 27 of section A of Governing Council decision 89/46 of 30 June 1989 to request that the Executive Director submit, in addition to the regular annual and periodic reports, no more than two special reports per session, where possible and feasible.


    The Governing Council,

    Having considered the work plan for 1991-1994 and request for approval authority (DP/1990/47) and the report of the status of financial implementation of Governing Council-approved United Nations Population Fund programmes and projects (DP/1990/48),

    1.   Endorses the Executive Director's programme resource planning proposals set out in paragraphs 12 to 33 of document DP/1990/47;

    2.   Emphasizes the need for future allocations of resources to meet the target of an 80 per cent allocation of country programme resources to priority countries and, taking into account the specific needs and priorities of individual countries, to reflect sufficiently the priority given to the substantive area of family planning, as set out in Governing Council decision 81/7 of 23 June 1981;

    3.   Requests the Executive Director in preparing proposals for the future inter-country programme to take full account of the views expressed by the Governing Council in paragraph 4 of section IV of decision 85/19 of 29 June 1985 on the share of that programme within the overall activities of the Fund;

    4.   Approves the request for the new programme expenditure authority in the amount of $166.7 million for 1991;

    5.   Endorses the use of the following estimates for new programmable resources for the 1992-1994 period:  $184.5 million for 1992; $204.0 million for 1993; and $220.6 million for 1994.


    The Governing Council

    1.   Approves the following country programmes:


Angola                                     DP/FPA/CP/67

Côte d'Ivoire                            DP/FPA/CP/72

Equatorial Guinea                     DP/FPA/CP/63

Ghana                                      DP/FPA/CP/64

Seychelles                                DP/FPA/CP/65

Arab States

            Syrian Arab Republic                DP/FPA/CP/70

Asia and the Pacific

Democratic People's Republic of Korea     DP/FPA/CP/61

Indonesia                                  DP/FPA/CP/69

Islamic Republic of Iran            DP/FPA/CP/62

Latin America and the Caribbean

Cuba                                      DP/FPA/CP/68 and Corr.1

Ecuador                                  DP/FPA/CP/66

Haiti                                        DP/FPA/CP/73

Mexico                                   DP/FPA/CP/71

37th meeting

20 June 1990