89/48.  Future needs in population, including the development of financial resource requirements for international population assistance

 The Governing Council

Recalling its decision 87/30 of 18 June 1987, which welcomed the intention of the United Nations Population Fund to conduct a wide-ranging review and assessment of accumulated population experience within key areas of its mandate and requested the Executive Director to provide a special report on the completed review and assessment to the Council at its thirty-sixth session (1989),

1.            Takes note of the report of the Executive Director on the policy implications of the findings and conclusions of the review and assessment exercise carried out by the United Nations Population Fund (DP/1989/37);

2.            Notes with satisfaction that population programmes in the past two decades have contributed, inter alia, to increased awareness of population issues, increased access to family planning information and services, and lower infant, child and maternal mortality;

3.            Expresses concern at the high rate of world population growth and its social, economic and environmental implications for the 1990s and beyond;

4.            Endorses the general population goals and approaches for the 1990s identified in the report of the Executive Director and urges the Executive Director to tailor these to the circumstances and needs of the countries and regions concerned;

5.            Welcomes the convening of an international forum, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 6-9 November 1989, as an important step in further delineating the major issues and needs regarding population policies and programmes in the future and requests the Executive Director to develop proposals for a comprehensive international population strategy to be submitted to the international forum for its consideration;

6.            Requests the Executive Director to initiate, in co-operation with other institutes as appropriate, the development of financial resource requirements for international population assistance.

38th meeting

30 June 1989