89/47.  United Nations Population Fund:  technical backstopping

The Governing Council

Recalling General Assembly resolution 42/196 of 11 December 1987, which, inter/alia, urged funding and executing agencies to ensure the highest quality of expertise for all aspects of the programme cycle, as well as the timely provision of project inputs,

1.            Recognizes the importance of national, regional and interregional advisory services for the provision of technical support to the country programmes and projects funded by the United Nations Population Fund;

2.            Requests the Executive Director, when next reporting on the implementation of the intercountry programmes, to provide information on the number, cost and placement by agency of regional and interregional advisory services;

3.            Invites the governing bodies of United Nations entities for which the United Nations Population Fund funds advisory posts to integrate population posts into their regular budgets;

4.            Stresses the need to foster and utilize, to the fullest extent possible, the capacity of nationals of the developing countries in the provision of services required for the United Nations Population Fund technical advisory functions in support of country programmes and projects;

5.            Requests the Executive Director to review, on a periodic basis, the adequacy of existing arrangements for the provision of advisory services with a view to ensuring requisite standards, inter alia, of quality, cost and effectiveness and with due regard to the priority attached to the development of national capacities, and to report to the Council accordingly in future annual reports.

38th meeting

30 June 1989