88/35.  United Nations Population Fund:  population, resources and environment

The Governing Council

    Taking note with appreciation of the United Nations Population Fund 1988 State of World Population Report entitled, "Safeguarding the future", on the theme of population, resources and environment,

    Recalling General Assembly resolution 42/187 of 11/December/1987 on the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development,

    Also recalling General Assembly resolution 42/186 of 11/December/1987 on the Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond, in particular the section on population,

    1.   Recognizes that the effects of resource use, environmental damage and population growth are global in nature and that it is in the common interest of all countries to pursue policies aimed at sustainable and environmentally sound development;

    2.   Concurs with the recommendations contained in paragraph/9 of section/II of the annex to General Assembly resolution 42/186, in particular the need to give special attention to population-related programmes aimed at improving environmental conditions at local levels and to the role of women regarding environment and population;

    3.   Endorses the "Agenda for change" and the "Conclusion" sections of the Executive Director's 1988 State of World Population report, concerning the requirements to establish a sustainable relationship between human and other resources;

    4.   Encourages the Fund to extend the reach of family planning programmes in order to meet the great need for such services and to continue to integrate these services with maternal and child health care in close cooperation with the other organizations of the United Nations system competent in this area;

    5.   Welcomes the Fund's emphasis on women, in both their reproductive role and in their role as managers of the local environment and effective controllers of large sectors of the economy;

    6.   Confirms and strongly supports the Fund's belief that individuals and communities play an important role in the success of national and international population policies, as do Governments and international organizations;

    7.   Requests the Executive Director to report to the thirty-sixth session (1989) of the Governing Council on the progress made in United Nations Population Fund programmes and projects towards sustainable development, in particular as concerns population, environment and resources;

    8.   Further requests that this report be submitted, through the Economic and Social Council, to the General Assembly at its forty-fourth session in accordance with paragraph 12 of General Assembly resolution 42/186 and paragraph 18 of General Assembly resolution 42/187.

35th meeting

1 July 1988