Governing Council decision 78/33, Twenty-fifth Session, June-July 1978*


The Governing Council

Taking into account the comments made during the consideration of item 18,

1.  Takes note of the report of the Executive Director of UNFPA on 1977 activities and the future programme (DP/308 and Corr. 1 and 2 and DP/308/ANNEX and Corr.1);

2.  Approves, on the understanding that they will be resubmitted for Council review after two years:

(a)  The programme in Afghanistan (DP/FPA/8/Add.3) in the amount of $15 million for five years;

(b)  The programme in the Republic of Korea (DP/FPA/8/Add.7) in the amount of $2,266,616 for three-and-one-half years;

(c)  The programme in Tunisia (DP/FPA/8/Add.1 and Corr.1) in the amount of $4 million for five years;

(d)  The programme in Viet Nam (DP/FPA/8/Add.4 and Corr.1) in the amount of $17 million for five years, on the understanding that the reserve of around $4.8 million will be programmed taking into account the views expressed by members of the Council on UNFPA support to population distribution activities;

3.  Approves the remaining portions of the UNFPA programmes in Nigeria (DP/FPA/8/Add.2), Haiti (DP/FPA/8/Add.5), Jordan (DP/FPA/8/Add.6) and the Syrian Arab Republic (DP/FPA/8/Add.8), and on UNFPA support to the United Nations Romanian Demographic Centre (DP/FPA/8/Add.9 and Corr.1);

4.  Takes note with appreciation of the Executive Director's report on UNFPA support of intercountry activities and the progress that has been made (DP/332); and

5. Considers favourably the Executive Director's initiative to establish an experimental mechanism for coordinating intercountry activities and for promoting more integrated programmes addressed to problems common to the countries in the respective geographical areas and encourages further efforts of this kind;

6. Urges the Executive Director, in consultation with the international organizations concerned, to coordinate approaches by organizations in the United Nations system for identifying and meeting country needs and to continue his efforts to streamline regional, interregional and global activities supported by UNFPA;

7.  Further requests the Executive Director to submit at the twenty-sixth session of the Governing Council, bearing in mind the views expressed in the Council:

(a)  Cost estimates for intercountry activities;

(b)  Suggested priorities at levels of financing equal to 20, 25 and 30 per cent of projected 1982 resources;

8.  Agrees that the Fund should continue the trend towards providing an increasing proportion of UNFPA resources to country programmes;

9.  Requests the Executive Director to continue to reduce infrastructure support and payment of overhead costs and to submit at the next meeting of the Council his recommendations concerning the rationale for future support;

10.  Also requests that, in order to assist the Council in reaching informed decisions on the types of programmes and the level of future support for intercountry activities to be approved by it, the Executive Director provide the Council with proposed programmes specifically related to basic country needs in the major programme areas recommended in this report;

11.  Appreciates the Executive Director's report on the evaluation of UNFPA projects (DP/331), endorses the approach and methodology described therein, and requests him to supply similar reports periodically in the future;

12.  Shares the Executive Director's view that research on contraceptive technology is crucial to the attainment of the Fund's objectives and further takes note of his decisions to provide UNFPA assistance for the 1977 and 1978 activities of the WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction and requests him to provide, for approval by the Governing Council at its next session, specific proposals for the future support of global programmes of an innovative character including the WHO Special Programme;

13.  Decides to give the Executive Director additional approval authority of $10 million for 1978, $67.5 million for 1979 to bring the total for 1979 to $120 million, $42.5 million for 1980 and $20 million for 1981, on the understanding that the Executive Director will limit the approval of projects to available resources.


The Governing Council

Having considered the 1979 budget estimates for administrative and programme support services of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (DP/333), together with the report of the ACABQ (DP/344),

1.  Approves appropriations in the amount of $5,390,104 net to be allocated from the resources of UNFPA as submitted in the budget estimates, amended to delete one new post each at the P-4 and G-4 levels and to reclassify only one post to the D-1 level and one post to the P-5 level, to finance the 1979 programme budget as follows:

            Programme                                                                             (US dollars)

            Executive direction and management                                             839,532

            Administration and public information support services               1,500,546

            Programme planning, appraisal and monitoring                           3,050,026

                                                               TOTAL NET                        5,390,104

2.  Agrees that the Executive Director shall be authorized to transfer credits between programmes of the 1978 and 1979 budgets, within reasonable limits, with the concurrence of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions;

3.  Agrees that until the review at the twenty-sixth session of the Governing Council the UNFPA shall continue the practice of funding field coordinator posts from project funds and of including the data on such posts in the UNFPA Administrative and Programme Support Budget for information purposes;

4.  Takes note of the UNFPA financial report and accounts for the year ended 31 December 1976 and the report of the Board of Auditors;

5. Requests the Executive Director to submit at the twenty-sixth session of the Governing Council an outline of a long-term staffing proposal taking into account views expressed in the Council at its twenty-fifth session.


21/ Official Records of the General Assembly, Thirty-second Session, Supplement No. 7 G (A/32/7/Add.7).

622nd meeting
29 June 1978