Governing Council decision 77/39, Twenty-fourth Session, June-July 1977*


The Governing Council

1.  Takes note of the progress report by the Executive Director of UNFPA (DP/257) on infrastructure support for population posts in the organizations of the United Nations system;

2.  Authorizes him to continue discussions with the organizations in the United Nations system on this subject with a view to further reducing UNFPA-funded infrastructure posts on the basis of the agreed definition of such posts, until a desirable minimum of UNFPA-funded infrastructure posts is attained in each organization;

3.  Requests the Executive Director to submit a further a report on this subject to the Governing Council at its next session, bearing in mind the views expressed at the twenty-fourth session of the Council.


*Economic and Social Council, Official Records:  Sixty-third Session, Supplement No. 3A (E/6013/Rev. 1., p. 127.  United Nations, New York, 1977.