Governing Council decision 77/38, Twenty-fourth Session, June-July 1977*

498.  At its 588th meeting, on 29 June 1977, on the recommendation of the Budgetary and Finance Committee, the Governing Council, having considered the 1978 budget estimates and the question of infrastructure support for population posts in the organizations of the United Nations system, adopted the following decision.


The Governing Council

Having considered the 1978 budget estimates for administrative and programme support services of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (DP/264) and the related report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (DP/280),

1.  Approves appropriations in the amount of $4,656,197 net to finance the 1978 programme budget in accordance with the recommendation of the Advisory Committee amended to reflect the reclassification of one post to the P-5 level for the African Section of the Project Division, to be allocated from the resources of UNFPA as follows:

Programme                                                                         $

     Executive direction and management                                       823,100

     Administration and public information support services          1,213,302

     Programme planning, appraisal and monitoring                      2,619,795

                                          Total net                                         4,656,197

     2.  Requests the Executive Director of UNFPA to submit a report to the Council at its next session on the feasibility of including the costs of the field coordinators in the administrative and programme support budget of UNFPA;

     3.  Further requests the Executive Director of UNFPA to include information in the future administrative and programme support budgets of UNFPA on workload data in support of staffing proposals as well as the other information referred to in the report of the Advisory Committee (DP/280).


* Economic and Social Council, Official Records:  Sixty-third session, Supplement No. 3A (E/6013/Rev. 1), p. 127.  United Nations, New York, 1977.