Governing Council decision 76/55, Twenty-second Session, June-July 1976*

595.  At its 540th meeting, on 2 July 1976, on the recommendation of the Budgetary and Finance Committee, the Governing Council, having considered the 1977 budget estimates for administrative and programme support services for UNFPA, and accepting the proposal of the Executive Director to defer the reclassification of nine existing posts:

(a)  Approved the revised appropriations totalling $4,405,760 (net) to be allocated from the resources of UNFPA to finance the 1977 budget as follows:

          Section 1  Salaries and wages                             $3,077,900

          Section 2  Common staff costs                                887,600

          Section 3  Travel and transportation                         181,500

          Section 4  Permanent equipment                                15,000

          Section 5  Other general expenses                           538,600

          Section 6  Reimbursement to UNDP                       363,060

                                TOTAL GROSS                          $5,063,660


          Section 7  Estimated income                                    657,900


     (b)  Requested the Executive Director to submit to the Governing Council at its twenty-third session a report containing an analysis of the top organizational structure and related post requirements of UNFPA;

     (c)  Approved the continuation of the practice of funding the UNFPA field coordinator posts from project funds.


* Economic and Social Council, Official Records:  Sixty-first session, Supplement No. 2 (E/5846/Rev.1), p. 151.  United Nations, New York, 1976.