Governing Council decision 76/2 A, Twenty-first Session, January-February 1976*

86.  At its 502nd meeting, on 21 January 1976,

The Governing Council

(a)  Approved the following projects in the amount of $1 million or more, subject to the availability of funds, with the understanding that the amount for the third and following years, after a progress review would be resubmitted to the Council for approval:

(i) Coordinated maternal and child health programme in Bolivia (DP/FPA/4/Add.1) in the amount of $1,520,500 for an estimated period of five years;

(ii)  National programme of family welfare in Ecuador (DP/FPA/4/Add.2) in the amount of $1,345,800 for an estimated period of four years;

(b)  Noted and gave interim approval to the procedures and recommendations on multi-bilateral financing proposed by the Executive Director of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) in document DP/161, and the further information on them in his statement to the Governing Council at its twenty-first session; and requested the Executive Director, taking into account the comments of Council members at the twenty-first session, to submit at subsequent sessions further information and recommendations on multi-bilateral and other additional sources of funding;

(c)  Noted the information supplied by the Executive Director in document DP/147 on the implementation of UNFPA projects in 1974; and requested him to submit information on implementation in 1975 to the Governing Council at its twenty-second session;

(d)  Decided to maintain the provisional approval authority given to the Executive Director for 1976 at $90 million, on the condition that the Executive Director:

(i)  Limit the approval of project budgets to the availability of resources;

(ii)  Report to the Governing Council at its twenty-second session on the status of resources, with a view to enabling the Council to determine whether resources were sufficient to allow for a total 1976 approval authority of $90 million.


* Economic and Social Council, Official Records:  Sixty-first session, Supplement No. 2 (E/5779), p. 19.  United Nations, New York, 1976.