75/11.  United Nations Population Activities

312.  At its 462nd meeting, the Governing Council adopted the following decision:

The Governing Council

1.  Decides to give the Executive Director for 1975 a revised approval authority for project commitments up to the amount of $80 million;

2.  Approves the following proposed country agreements and projects in the amount of $1 million or more:

(a)  Country agreement with Tunisia (DP/FPA/2/Add.3);

(b)  Population programme in Peru (DP/FPA/2/Add.5) for the first year up to a total of $700,000, the remainder of the proposed four-year programme to be considered by the Governing Council at its twenty-first session;

(c)  Maternal and Child Health Programme in Colombia (DP/FPA/2/Add.1);

(d)  Support to the Algerian National Census (DP/FPA/2/Add.2); and

(e)  Population Census in Yemen (DP/FPA/2/Add.4).

 462nd  meeting

                                            28 January 1975