Governing Council decision 74/16, Seventeenth session, January-February 1974*

202.  At its 415th meeting, the Governing Council adopted the following decision, recommended to it by the Budgetary and Finance Committee in its report (DP/L.294/Add.4), subject to the observations expressed in the Committee:

The Governing Council

(a)  Approves the following country agreement and projects in the following amounts:

(i)  Comprehensive Country Agreement with the Republic of Korea (DP/25/Add.1) in the amount of $6 million for a period estimated as from three to five years;

(ii)  Maternal and Child Health Programme in Colombia (DP/25/Add.2) in the amount of $1 million for 1974, authorizing the Executive Director to negotiate with the Government of Colombia the remaining portion of the project for an additional period of three years, the remainder to be resubmitted to the Governing Council for approval;

(iii)  Population Census in Upper Volta (DP/25/Add.3) in the amount of $ 1,032,900 over a period estimated as four years;

(iv)  Latin American Demographic Centre (DP/25/Add.4) in the amount of $1,166,600 over a period estimated as one year;

(v)  Consolidation of the National Family Planning and Sex Education Programme in Costa Rica (DP/25/Add.6) in the amount of $2.1 million over a period estimated as four years;

(vi) Demographic Training and Research Centre in Romania (DP/25/Add.5) in the amount of $200,000 estimated for the first year of the project;

(b)  Approves the Fund's supplementary 1974 budget request (DP/33) in the amount of $72,100 (net);

(c)  Approves and authorizes the continuation of the acceptance by UNFPA of the limited number of governmental contributions it is currently receiving limited by their donors to certain specific purposes;

(d)  Authorizes UNFPA to report on the approval of projects in amounts less than $100,000 once a year in connexion with its annual report submitted to the June session;

(e)  Authorizes the Executive Director to continue the Fund's current practice of accepting contributions intended for the International Planned Parenthood Federation;

(f)  Approves the Fund's Financial Regulations and Rules (DP/36) as of 1 January 1974 with the amendments:

(i)  Of Rule 111.3 to include the words "in quantified terms" after the word "policy";

(ii)  Of Rule 111.8 by replacement with the equivalent UNDP Rule except for the reference to the June session;

(iii)  Of Regulation 6.5 to add the words "except as heretofore authorized" at the beginning of the regulation;

(g)     Takes note of the Executive Director's note (DP/20).


* Economic and Social Council, Official Records: Fifty-seventh Session, Supplement No. 2 (E/5466), p. 50.  United Nations, New York, 1974.