Governing Council decision 73/43, Sixteenth session, June 1973*

247.  At its 391st meeting, on the recommendation of the Budgetary and Finance Committee, 

The Governing Council

(a)  Took note of the resources and expenditures projected for the years 1973-1976 contained in document DP/L.273, together with comments made thereon;

(b)  Took note of the work plan for 1973-1976 contained in document DP/L.273/Add.1 and requested the Executive Director, in preparing the next work plan, to take into account the suggestions for improvement;

(c)  Approved the system of a rolling plan proposed by the Executive Director in his report in document DP/L.273;

(d)  Requested the Executive Director to submit to the Council summaries of the following types of projects for prior approval:

(i) Comprehensive country agreements;

(ii) Projects and programmes in the amounts of $1 million or more;

(iii) Projects which because of their innovative aspects or policy implications deserved   the Council's consideration and approval.

(e)  Authorized the Executive Director in consultation with the Administrator to approve other projects within the ceilings for project approval prescribed by the Council;

(f)  Authorized the Executive Director to incur pre-project expenditures in respect of those projects to be submitted to the Council;

(g) Authorized the Executive Director to UNFPA, in consultation with the Administrator, to conduct the financial operations of the Fund on a provisional basis under the appropriate Financial Regulations and Rules of UNDP, taking into account the separate identity and character of the Fund;

(h)  Invited the Executive Director of UNFPA to prepare and submit to the seventeenth session a proposal for convening annual pledging conferences, the first of which would be held in the calendar year 1974 in respect of fiscal year 1975;

(i)  Authorized the Executive Director for the period 1973‑1976 to programme up to the amount of $108 million as described in DP/L.273, and within this amount to approve projects of the type referred to in paragraph (e), and requested him to submit to the Council summaries of projects requiring prior Council approval, together with information on those projects which he had approved between Council sessions;

(j)  Took note of the 1973 budget of UNFPA administrative and programme support services;

(k) Approved the estimates of 1974 requirements for administrative and programme support services of the UNFPA secretariat in a total amount of $2,500,587 (net) as submitted in document DP/L.273/Add.4, including an additional $50,000 for publication costs, as described in the following appropriation section:

                                                                            US $

          Section 1  Salaries and wages                1,699,733

          Section 2  Common staff costs                 377,454

          Section 3  Travel and transportation          162,000

          Section 4  Permanent equipment                 20,000

          Section 5  Other general expenses            404,700

          Section 6  Subvention to UNDP               192,000

                                           Total Gross           2,855,887


          Section 7  Estimated income                     305,300

           Total Net                                              2,550,587

In order to finance these requirements, authorized an allocation in the amount of $2,550,587 (net) from the resources of UNFPA;

     (1)  Requested the Executive Director to submit to ACABQ for its comments the UNFPA administrative budget for 1975 and subsequent years;

     (m)  Approved the adjustment of the post of Executive Director, UNFPA, from its present level of Assistant Secretary-General to the level of Under-Secretary-General.


*Economic and Social Council, Official Records:  Fifty-fifth Session, Supplement No. 2A (E/5365/Rev.1), p. 56. United Nations, New York, 1973.