Evaluation in UNFPA

The Executive Board

1.     Takes note of the periodic report on evaluation (DP/FPA/2008/10);

2.     Welcomes the steps taken and planned by UNFPA to strengthen evaluation at all levels of the organization by developing an evidence-informed methodology to improve programming and by systematically engaging national stakeholders;

3.     Notes with concern the decline in the quality of evaluations and requests UNFPA to further improve the quality of its evaluations by, inter alia, enhancing the quality of programme design and outcome assessments, increasing the use of evaluation results to improve programming and analysing the UNFPA contribution to development results;

4.     Notes the UNFPA concern about the low rate of reported follow-up to country programme evaluations, and urges UNFPA to improve follow-up to such evaluations;

5.     Requests the Executive Director of UNFPA to submit periodic reports on evaluation in relation to the outcomes of the UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011, including lessons learned, impact on programmes, difficulties encountered and progress made, and the performance of the evaluation function;

6.     Further requests the Executive Director of UNFPA to submit a report to the Executive Board at its annual session 2009 on a comprehensive evaluation policy consistent with General Assembly resolution 62/208 and international best practices. In this regard, the Board further requests the Executive Director to keep the Board informed of the development of the evaluation policy, including through consultation with the Board at its first regular session 2009;

7.     Underlines the importance of increasing the participation of national counterparts and strengthening national capacity in the evaluation and follow-up of UNFPA country programmes, encourages UNFPA to use national evaluation systems where available and to continue to incorporate capacity-building mechanisms into programme design and implementation, and welcomes progress attained in this regard;

8.     Notes the endorsement in 2005 of the norms and standards for evaluation by the United Nations system through the United Nations Evaluation Group, constituting a contribution to strengthening evaluation as a United Nations system function;

9.     Emphasizes the importance of the independence and impartiality of the evaluation function within the United Nations system.

20 June 2008