UNFPA and UNDP draft country programme documents

The Executive Board

1.     Recalls its decision 2006/9 on cost-efficient approaches to providing programme-level data;

2.     Commends UNFPA for providing this information in connection with the review and approval process for the new country programme cycle;

3.     Takes note of the highlights of UNDP country programme results and lessons learned, and encourages UNDP to continue to improve the quality of the content of this submission, including by using a format similar to the UNFPA country programme performance summary as well as appropriate evaluative information;

4.     Also recalls its decision 2006/36 on the review of the country programme approval process and requests UNDP and UNFPA to provide a short explanation of the reasons for the deferment of draft country programme documents from the annual session to the second regular session;

5.     Urges UNFPA and UNDP to increase their efforts to present draft country programme documents for discussion at the annual session of the Executive Board, as per decision 2006/36.

25 June 2008