Report of the UNFPA Executive Director for 2007, including the statistical and financial review

The Executive Board

1.     Takes note of the documents that make up the report of the UNFPA Executive Director for 2007 (DP/FPA/2008/5 (Part I), DP/FPA/2008/5 (Part I, Add.1) and DP/2008/23/Add.1-DP/FPA/2008/5 (Part II));

2.     Also takes note of the progress made in aligning UNFPA programming to the UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011, in response to the national priorities of programme countries;

3.     Recognizes the significance of increasing contributions and achieving stability and predictability in contributions to UNFPA regular resources, which are the bedrock of UNFPA operations;

4.     Recognizes that timeliness in the payment of contributions is essential to maintaining liquidity and to facilitating continuous programme implementation in assisting countries in achieving the goals of the International Conference on Population and Development and the Millennium Development Goals;

5.     Takes note of progress with regard to results-based management and urges UNFPA to continue to improve results-based management indicators and baselines.

20 June 2008