Estimates for the UNFPA biennial support budget, 2008-2009

The Executive Board

1.     Takes note of the functions, management outputs, indicators and resource requirements in the estimates for the UNFPA biennial support budget, 2008-2009, as contained in document DP/FPA/2008/1;

2.     Approves gross resources in the amount of $259.8 million, representing the total biennial support budget, 2008-2009, and notes that after offsetting the indirect cost recovery amount of $24 million, the estimated net resources total $235.8 million;

3.     Decides that the appropriated amount should be used to achieve the management outputs as specified in the 16 functions presented in document DP/FPA/2008/1;

4.     Also requests the Executive Director to include, in future budget submissions, an annex on budget estimates by cost category for major objects of expenditure, with information on cost efficiencies achieved against targets and indicators therein, and to report on the estimates and efficiency targets in the annual financial review;

5.     Decides that future biennial support budgets should, as much as possible, aim at progressive decrease as a proportion of overall resources, urges UNFPA to continue to exercise scrutiny of management costs so as to ensure an even higher allocation of funds for programmes, and further urges UNFPA to increase its efforts to bring greater efficiency to its operations;

6.     Requests the Executive Director of UNFPA, in close cooperation with other United Nations funds and programmes, to continue to harmonize and improve the methodology of results-based budgeting, and requests a briefing, at the second regular session 2008, on steps taken and progress achieved on budget-related issues, including issues related to indicators, targets and cost classifications of items in the results-based budgets;

7.     Authorizes additional funding expenditures of $6 million from regular resources to further implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (Atlas) project, including the implementation of international public sector accounting standards;

8.     Also authorizes additional funding expenditures of $2.4 million from regular resources to replenish the security reserve;

9.     Further authorizes that $28.4 million be used for the one-time costs of the new UNFPA organizational structure, and urges UNFPA to replenish its operational reserve to the mandated level by 2010, at the latest;

10.     Takes note of the additional requirement of $5 million for funding the UNFPA security reserve;

11.     Authorizes a further expenditure of $5 million from regular resources to replenish the security reserve, in addition to the $2.4 million requested in the estimates for the biennial support budget for 2008-2009 (DP/FPA/2008/1);

12.     Endorses the proposal of the Executive Director to grant her exceptional authority, during 2008-2009, to access up to an additional 20 per cent ($2.2 million) of the proposed security reserve expenditure requirement of $11.1 million. UNFPA will limit the use of those funds to new and emerging security mandates as defined by United Nations Department of Safety and Security directives, and will report on the use of the funds in the annual financial review to the Executive Board.

13.     Recognizes that the field operations of UNFPA have evolved since the adoption of decision 1995/35, and decides that UNFPA should continue to use the current International Civil Service Commission standards to classify or reclassify international staff positions, and further requests UNFPA to exercise restraint when considering the upward classification of staff positions;

14.     Requests the Executive Director to present the estimates for the biennial support budget for 2010-2011 for approval by the Executive Board at its second regular session 2009.

24 January 2008