UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011

The Executive Board

1.     Takes note of the report (DP/FPA/2007/17) on the UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011: accelerating progress and national ownership of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and recognizes the strategic plan as the key tool for directing the work of UNFPA in supporting countries in implementing the ICPD Programme of Action and the Key Actions for the Further Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (ICPD+5) and in advancing the Millennium Development Goals;

2.     Takes note with appreciation of the participatory consultative process undertaken by UNFPA in developing the strategic plan;

3.     Endorses the strategic plan, 2008-2011, as contained in document DP/FPA/2007/17;

4.     Welcomes the strengthened support to national development and underscores the importance of capacity development and national ownership in further enhancing national development;

5.     Recognizes that programme countries, in the country programme development process, have the flexibility to choose the development results framework outcomes from the strategic plan that best respond to their national development priorities;

6.     Recognizes the increased focus of UNFPA on results-based management and accountability and encourages UNFPA to continue to strengthen results-based management and accountability in the strategic plan, and to collaborate with other United Nations funds and programmes to harmonize approaches to results-based management;

7.     Takes note of the accountability framework (DP/FPA/2007/20) and of the commitment of UNFPA to further strengthen it's monitoring and reporting;

8.     Approves the integrated financial resources framework for 2008-2011 as contained in document DP/FPA/2007/17 and encourages all countries in a position to do so to assist UNFPA in reaching the total figure for regular and other resources for 2008-2011, including through multi-year pledges;

9.     Stresses that regular resources, because of their untied nature, continue to be the bedrock of UNFPA activities, enabling the effective implementation of the strategic plan, and calls upon donor countries and all other countries in a position to do so to increase substantially their contributions to the regular resources of UNFPA;

10.     Requests the Executive Director to submit to the Executive Board, at its second regular session 2009, a midterm review of the strategic plan, 2008-2011.

14 September 2007