Draft outline of the UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011

         The Executive Board
1.      Notes the information provided by the UNFPA Executive Director on the draft outline of the UNFPA strategic plan, 2008-2011, and also notes the intention of the Executive Director to provide a draft strategic plan, 2008-2011, three weeks prior to the annual session 2007, for formal discussion;

2.      Notes also the intention of the Executive Director to present the draft strategic plan, the draft global and regional programmes, the draft resource allocation system and the draft organizational structure in a comprehensive package at the annual session 2007, looks forward to receiving further elaboration on this package during the process of preparing the strategic plan, and encourages the further development of goals, objectives, outcomes and indicators, to sharpen the focus of the vision and business of the UNFPA strategic plan and to ensure proper evaluation, reporting of results, transparency and accountability;

3.      Further notes the timeline proposed by UNFPA for the preparation of its prospective strategic plan, and requests the Executive Director to consult widely with Member States and United Nations partner organizations;

4.      Requests the Executive Director, in preparing the draft UNFPA strategic plan for the annual session 2007, to take into account the comments of Member States;

5.      Requests UNFPA to reflect on lessons and challenges from implementing its current multi-year funding framework (MYFF), 2004-2007, in the context of changes that may be proposed in the new strategic plan, as compared to the MYFF, especially in terms of the main focus areas, business practices and organizational structures;

6.      Also requests the Executive Director, in planning and reporting, to harmonize terminology, definitions and formats, using United Nations Development Group-harmonized terminology as a basis, wherever possible.

26 January 2007