Annual financial review, 2005 (UNFPA)


    The Executive Board

1. Takes note of the annual financial review, 2005 (DP/FPA/2006/13);

2. Welcomes the encouraging increase in the UNFPA income level while recognizing the growing demand for UNFPA activities in support of the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, as well as the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;

3. Further recognizes that increased, predictable and timely payment of contributions is essential to maintaining liquidity and to facilitating continuous programme implementation;

4. Reiterates that regular (core) resources are essential to maintaining the multilateral, neutral and universal nature of UNFPA work;

5. Encourages all Member States in a position to do so to increase their funding, and to give priority to regular resources over other resources;

6. Calls upon Member States in a position to do so to make multi-year contributions and announce payment schedules, and to adhere to such contributions and payment schedules thereafter.

13 September 2006