Election of the Bureau of the Executive Board

The Executive Board,

Recalling its decisions 2005/32 and 2006/7 on improving its working methods,
1. Encourages regional groups to recommend candidates for the Bureau during the second regular session 2007;

2. Encourages the Bureau to invite the recommended candidates mentioned in paragraph 1 above to participate as observers in the monthly meetings of the Bureau in order to become better informed about the ongoing work and better prepared to execute their future functions in the Bureau;

3. Decides to convene in early January of each year, starting in 2007, the first meeting of its subsequent first regular session, for the sole purpose of electing a new President and other members of the Bureau, in accordance with rule 7 of the Rules of Procedure, and requests UNDP and UNFPA to submit a draft work plan for each subsequent year at the second regular meeting of the Board in September.

22 June 2006