UNFPA Technical Advisory Programme

The Executive Board

1. Having considered ongoing United Nations reform processes, the UNFPA plan to change its current configuration to better meet national priorities, as well as the need to harmonize, from 2008, the cycles of the Technical Advisory Programme, the biennial support budget, the multi-year funding framework and the intercountry programme – which requires flexibility;

2. Welcomes document DP/FPA/2005/16 and the proposals contained therein, including the proposal to develop a longer-term strategy for UNFPA technical assistance to countries and regions;

3. Approve s the extension of the UNFPA Technical Advisory Programme for a two-year period, 2006-2007;

4. Authorizes the Executive Director to maintain the level of current funding and commit an amount of $40 million over the two-year period for its implementation;

5. Requests the Executive Director to report to the Executive Board on the implementation of the Technical Assistance Programme during 2006-2007, as well as the implementation of the recommendations of the external evaluation, and to present to the Board at its second regular session 2007, the new arrangements for the provision of technical assistance to programme countries during the period 2008-2011.

9 September 2005