UNDP and UNFPA programme performance information at country-level

The Executive Board

1. Takes note of the report on progress in implementing decision 2001/11: addressing the issue of the time frame for developing country program documents (DP/2005/28-DP/FPA/2005/10), the multi-year funding framework: report on UNDP performance and results for 2004 (DP/2005/16), and the report of the Executive Director for 2004: progress in implementing the multi-year funding framework, 2004-2007 (DP/FPA/2005/7, part I);

2. Requests UNDP and UNFPA, in consultation with relevant agencies, to make a proposal at the first regular session of the Executive Board in 2006 on cost-efficient approaches to providing programme-level data to their respective Boards as part of their programming and reporting cycles.

23 June 2005