UNDP and UNFPA follow-up to UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board meeting

The Executive Board

1. Takes note of documents DP/2004/CRP.9 and DP/FPA/2004/CRP.6.

2. Urges UNDP and UNFPA to continue, in close collaboration with the other co-sponsors, to strengthen the UNAIDS partnership, especially at the country level, thereby contributing to a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS;

3. Futher Urges UNDP and UNFPA to ensure, in close collaboration with the other co-sponsors, the effective inclusion of the UNAIDS Country Coordinator as a member of the United Nations Country Team to implement joint programming;

4. Recognizes the need to further promote coherence in actions at the country level and the importance of the “Three Ones” (one agreed HIV/AIDS action framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners; one national AIDS coordinating authority with a broad-based multisectoral mandate; and one agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system), and takes note of the growing support for harmonization at the country level;

5. Encourages UNDP and UNFPA to develop, in cooperation with the UNAIDS secretariat and the other co-sponsors, a harmonized, outcome-oriented format to report annually on their HIV/AIDS activities to the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, as well as to the Executive Board.

24 September 2004