Follow-up to the fourteenth meeting of the Programme Coordinating Board of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

The Executive Board

1. Welcomes the reports of UNDP (DP/2004/13) and UNFPA (DP/FPA/2004/5) as an important step towards a more consistent response of the United Nations system to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

2. Requests UNDP and UNFPA to provide more detailed information in their respective annual reports 2004 on how the two organizations, working in cooperation with relevant stakeholders - in particular the other co-sponsors of UNAIDS - will act on the recommendations made by the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) during its fourteenth meeting in June 2003.

3. Further requests UNDP and UNFPA to make the PCB recommendations available to the Executive Board as an annex to their reports under this agenda item, regularly scheduled during the September meeting of the Executive Board.

30 January 2004