Reporting on the UNDP multi-year funding framework, 2004-2007

The Executive Board

1. Takes note with appreciation of the strategically designed approach to the results-oriented annual report (ROAR) that has been presented by UNDP and looks forward to further discussing this matter by the time of the June session;

2. Stresses that ROAR reporting should provide Member States with factual analysis of the development effectiveness of UNDP activities and the institutional effectiveness of the organization;

3. Stresses also that the UNDP evaluation functions should support the ROAR process by focusing on the evaluation of UNDP activities and effectiveness;

4. Requests the Administrator of UNDP, in collaboration with the Executive Director of UNFPA and the Executive Director of UNIFEM, and in consultation with Member States, to explore options for reporting on results in a harmonized manner, each within its respective mandate, and to report on this issue at the annual session 2004 of the Executive Board.

30 January 2004