UNDP evaluation

The Executive Board

1. Takes note of the annual report of the Administrator on evaluation 2002 (DP/2003/33);

2. Welcomes with satisfaction a candid and analytical evaluation report;

3. Appreciates the feeding of lessons learned from previous evaluations into the second multi-year funding framework 2004-2007(DP/2003/32);

4. Reiterates Executives Board decision 2002/19 on the annual report of the Administrator on evaluation 2001, especially paragraph 9, and thereby encourages UNDP work in promoting partnerships on evaluation capacity development with national administrations;

5. Stresses the importance of using indicators that are developed with the full participation of national governments and approved by the relevant intergovernmental bodies;

6. Welcomes the partnership on evaluation capacity development and other development partners in strengthening national evaluation capacity, such as cooperation through the International Development Evaluation Association and the Inter-Agency Working Group on Evaluation;

7. Requests UNDP to enhance evaluation of strategic and cross-cutting issues, such as the UNDP role in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework process as well as gender;

8. Encourages UNDP to continue working on linking UNDP policy work to its operational activities, and stresses the need to strengthen further the lessons learned process, especially at the country level;

9. Welcomes the focus on deepening the performance culture in UNDP and in knowledge and learning for decision-making;

10. Encourages UNDP to continue working on internal capacity-building in evaluation;

11. Urges UNDP to submit more thorough evaluation reports on the United Nations Development Fund for Women, United Nations Volunteers and the United Nations Capital Development Fund in the future;

12. Encourages UNDP to take into account the management response to the evaluation of the role of UNDP in the PRSP process (DP/2003/35) in its PRSP work, and requests the Administrator to report to the Executive Board with recommendations at its first regular session 2004.

12 September 2003