UNDP multi-year funding framework, 2004-2007

The Executive Board

1. Reaffirms decision 98/23 on the establishment of a multi-year funding framework (MYFF) as well as decision 2003/8 on Executive Board guidance in the preparation of the new MYFF, 2004-2007;

2. Appreciates the responsiveness of UNDP to the request for consistency and clarity, and welcomes in this regard the streamlining of the goals and service lines, resulting in an improved MYFF, 2004-2007, which enables UNDP to respond to the needs of programming countries in a flexible manner;

3. Endorses the MYFF, 2004-2007, as contained in DP/2003/32, taking into account the comments made by Member States, including those regarding the need for terminology consistent with the major relevant United Nations conferences and summits and the importance of country driven programming;

4. Reaffirms that the objective of the MYFF is to serve as the main policy document as well as a strategic resource and management tool;

5. Recognizes that the successful implementation of the MYFF lies in the attainment of the targeted level of income as well as the effective use thereof within the context of national owned development strategies, and requests UNDP to report thereon;

6. Reaffirms decision 2002/18 on the funding target of $1.1 billion and encourages all countries to contribute to the attainment of this target;

7. Welcomes that the MDGs ¹, particularly poverty reduction, are clearly recognized as the overarching basis for all UNDP activities, and underscores the importance of a balanced approach in achieving the internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration;

8. Recognizes the role of UNDP as resident coordinator of the United Nations development system at the country level;

9. Urges UNDP to strengthen the support to national development frameworks and priorities through, inter alia, developing partnerships, and underlines the importance of capacity-building for development effectiveness;

10. Encourages UNDP to strengthen the role of South-South cooperation in poverty eradication and in promoting the sustained growth and development of all developing countries

11. Reiterates that the special needs of the least developed countries be taken into consideration in the context of the implementation of the MYFF, 2004-2007;

12. Recognizes the need for an improved reporting mechanism for the MYFF, including on gender and other cross-cutting issues and based on performance indicators, and requests that UNDP submit proposals to this end at the first regular session of the Executive Board in January 2004;

13. Encourages UNDP to continue to strengthen the relationship between the MYFF, the biennial support budget and the programming arrangements.

12 September 2003

* Internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration.