Funding commitments to UNFPA

The Executive Board

1. Takes note of the report on contributions by Member States to regular (core) and other resources for 2003 and future years (DP/FPA/2003/6);

2. Recognizes the strong and widespread support for UNFPA activities and notes with appreciation the increased contributions and early payments made by several Member States.

3. Encourages UNFPA to continue its efforts to reduce dependency on a few large donors, and to broaden its donor base;

4. Welcomes the contributions and the corresponding commitments also made by programme countries, enabling UNFPA to reach its highest ever number of donors;

5. Further welcomes additional funds from all sources, inter alia, civil society, foundations and corporations;

6. Encourages all countries in a position to do so to commit to multi-year pledges and make early payments of contributions;

7. Urges all countries in a position to do so, and in the spirit of the Monterrey Consensus, to increase regular (core) funding to UNFPA in order to secure a stable regular (core) resource base.

19 June 2003