Assessment of the UNFPA multi-year funding framework (MYFF), 2000-2003, and guidance in the preparation of the next MYFF, 2004-2007

The Executive Board

Recalls decision 2000/9 on the UNFPA MYFF, 2000-2003;

1. Takes note of the MYFF cumulative report, 2000-2003 (DP/FPA/2003/4 (Part II), the comments of the Executive Board made thereon, and welcomes the progress outlined in the cumulative report towards meeting the MYFF goals;

2. Reiterates the role of UNFPA in assisting countries in implementing the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) ¹ , the key actions of ICPD+ 5 ² and in advancing the MDGs ³

3. Approves the strategic considerations for the next MYFF cycle as outlined in paragraph 95 of the above report (DP/FPA/2003/4 (Part II)) as the basis for the preparation of the next MYFF, 2004-2007;

4. Encourages UNFPA to continue to support, within its mandate, national development programmes and priorities of the programme countries, inter alia, through capacity-building;

5. Further encourages UNFPA to strengthen its participation in country-led national development frameworks, such as poverty reduction strategy papers and sector-wide approaches, where they exist;

6. Welcomes the progress that UNFPA has made in its transition process and encourages UNFPA to demonstrate further the results achieved in improving organizational effectiveness in the context of the next MYFF, 2004-2007;

7. Further welcomes the commitment of UNFPA towards results-based management;

8. Notes with appreciation that the projected level of total income for the current MYFF period, 2000-2003, is slightly above the targeted level;

9. Notes with concern that the level of regular (core) resources remains below target;

10. Encourages UNFPA to strengthen the linkages and consistency between the priorities in the MYFF, the biennial support budget and the country programmes, by, inter alia, exploring ways to harmonize further the respective cycles;

11. Urges UNFPA to simplify and refine further the content and format of the next MYFF, 2004-2007, to ensure that it becomes the main policy document of the Fund as well as its strategic resource and management tool;

12. Requests the Executive Director, in the context of the next MYFF, to develop further her proposal to report on the MYFF every second year;

13. Requests the Executive Director to continue to hold open-ended informal consultations on the further development of the next MYFF, 2004-2007.

19 June 2003

¹ Report of the International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, 5-13 September 1994, (United Nations publication, sales no. E.95.XIII.18, chapter I, resolution 1, annex).

² General Assembly resolution A/RES/S-21/2, Key actions for the further implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, adopted on 8 November 1999.

³ Internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration.