Funding commitments to UNDP

The Executive Board

1. Takes note of the report on the status of regular resources funding commitments to UNDP and its associated funds and programmes for 2003 and onward (DP/2003/15);

2. Welcomes the encouraging albeit modest increase in UNDP regular (core) resources for the second consecutive year in 2002, and notes also the increase in other (non-core) resources;

3. Reiterates that regular resources are the bedrock of UNDP and essential to maintaining the multilateral, neutral and universal nature of its work;

4. Recognizes, however, that the level of growth in regular (core) contributions continues to be far below target and, in the spirit of the Monterrey Consensus, urges all countries, in a position to do so, to increase core funding to UNDP so as to rebuild the regular resource base of UNDP;

5. Looks forwards to discussing further UNDP funding requirements when adopting the next multi-year funding framework (MYFF), 2004-2007, at the second regular session of the Executive Board in September 2003.

13 June 2003