Assessment of the UNDP multi-year funding framework (MYFF), 2000-2003, and guidance in the preparation of the new MYFF, 2004-2007

The Executive Board

1. Recalls decisions 98/23 and 99/23 on the multi-year funding framework (MYFF) for 2000-2003;

2. Takes note of the report on the end-of-cycle assessment of performance of the MYFF 2000-2003 (DP/2003/12 and DP/2003/CRP.14) as well as the comments of the Executive Board made thereon;

3. Welcomes the progress achieved during 2000-2003 towards meeting the goals of the MYFF;

4. Reiterates the role of UNDP in the area of poverty reduction and in promoting and advancing the MDGs* in support of programme countries;

5. Stresses that the main role of UNDP is to support, within its mandate, national development plans and priorities, and the poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSPs) where they exist, taking into account UNDP comparative advantages in capacity-building, advisory services and awareness-raising, as well as in coordinating the United Nations system at the country level and through the United Nations Development Group;

6. Requests that in the next MYFF, 2004-2007, UNDP align and clarify the relationship between the MDGs,* the strategic goals and the practice areas with a view to establishing a consistent framework;

7. Further requests that UNDP, within the context of the next MYFF, 2004-2007, revisit the practice areas with a view to sharpening further the focus of the organization, taking into account the potential for added value and comparative advantages within the multilateral development system;

8. Notes the progress that UNDP has made in results orientation, human resource management, knowledge management, re-profiling of the country offices and in developing its partnership strategy, and urges the Administrator to continue his efforts in making UNDP a more effective development partner;

9. Welcomes the leadership that UNDP has provided in developing a system of results-based management, and encourages UNDP to further strengthen, refine and simplify this system, including improving its performance indicators;

10. Expresses its concern that progress in gender mainstreaming, empowerment of women and achieving gender equality is uneven, and encourages UNDP to strengthen its efforts in close collaboration with the United Nations Development Fund for Women;

11. Expresses its concern that the level of regular (core) resources during the current MYFF period, 2000-2003, has remained far below target;

12. Welcomes the encouraging albeit modest upward trend in regular (core) resources, and urges Member States, in a position to do so, to increase their core contributions in order to maintain the multilateral, neutral and universal nature of the work of UNDP;

13. Encourages UNDP within the context of the next MYFF, 2004-2007, to take account of current estimates;

14. Stresses the need to clarify and develop further the relationship between the priorities in the MYFF, the biennial support budget and the programming arrangements;

15. Urges UNDP to simplify and refine further the content and format of the next MYFF, 2004-2007, to ensure that it becomes the main policy document as well as its strategic resource and management tool.

13 June 2003

* Internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration.