2001/16 UNFPA: Estimates for the biennial support budget for 2002-2003

The Executive Board

Having considered the 2002-2003 biennial support budget estimates of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as contained in document DP/FPA/2001/10;

  1. Approves gross appropriations in the amount of $168.3 million for the purposes indicated below and resolves that the income estimates of $21.8 million shall be used to offset the gross appropriations, resulting in estimated net appropriations of $146.5 million;

2002-2003 biennial support budget
(in thousands of United States dollars)

Programme support
  Country Offices 82,064.0
  Headquarters 37,585.2
  Subtotal 119,649.2
Management and administration of the organization 48,611.0
Total gross appropriations 168,260.2
  Less: Estimated income to the budget (21,800.0)
  Estimated net appropriations 146,460.2
  1. Authorizes the Executive Director to redeploy resources between appropriation lines up to a maximum of five per cent of the appropriation to which the resources are redeployed;

  2. Urges the Executive Director to implement the foreseen reclassification of posts with the highest possible prudence and transparency, especially as to possible contradictions with requirements deriving from the field needs assessment survey;

  3. Requests the Executive Director to submit a comprehensive human resource development strategy for adoption at the second regular session 2002;

  4. Also requests the Executive Director to submit proposed revisions to the biennial support budget for 2002-2003 that arise from further review of organizational requirements, including the field needs assessment survey, at the second regular session 2002.

14 September 2001