2000/24.  Overview of decisions adopted by the Executive Board at its third regular session 2000

UNFPA segment

Item 2:  Resource allocation system

Adopted decision 2000/19 of 28 September 2000 on the system for the allocation of UNFPA resources to country programmes;


Item 3:  Financial, budgetary and administrative matters

Took note of the report on the UNFPA annual financial review, 1999 (DP/FPA/2000/15 and Corr.1 (Chinese, English and Russian only));

Took note of the oral report on the updated estimates of UNFPA income for 2000;


Item 4:  Technical advisory programme

Took note of the progress report on the implementation of Technical Advisory Programme arrangements (DP/FPA/2000/16);

Item 5:  Country programmes and related matters

Approved assistance to the Governments of Cambodia (DP/FPA/KHM/2) and Viet Nam (DP/FPA/VNM/6);