2000/17.  Overview of decisions adopted by the Executive Board at its annual session 2000




Item 2:  Report of the Executive Director for 1999

Took note of the report of the Executive Director for 1999 (DP/FPA/2000/8 (Part I and Part I/Add.1, Part II and Corr.1 and Part III), with comments made thereon;

Item 3:  ICPD+5

Adopted decision 2000/11 of 16 June 2000 on future programme directions of UNFPA in light of the outcome of the ICPD+5;

Item 4:  Evaluation

Took note of the periodic report on UNFPA’s evaluation activities (DP/FPA/2000/10);

Item 5:  Information and communication strategy

Took note of the oral report on the implementation of the UNFPA information and communication strategy;

Item 6:  UNFPA programming process

Adopted decision 2000/12 of 16 June 2000 on the UNFPA programming process;

Item 7:  Emergency assistance

Adopted decision 2000/13 of 16 June 2000 on ensuring reproductive health in emergency situations;

Joint UNDP/UNFPA segment


Item 8:  Internal audit and oversight

Took note of the reports on internal audit and oversight activities of the United Nations Development Programme (DP/2000/21), of the United Nations Population Fund (DP/FPA/2000/13) and of the United Nations Office for Project Services (DP/2000/25/Add.1);