2000/12    UNFPA programming process

The Executive Board

1.        Takes note with appreciation of the report on the UNFPA programming approval process (DP/FPA/2000/11);

2.        Welcomes progress towards the development of a more inclusive country programme preparation process with enhanced national ownership;

3.        Emphasizes the need for further harmonization and standardization of programmes and programming procedures for all United Nations funds and programmes within the United Nations Development Group;

4.        Also emphasizes the need for such further harmonization efforts to provide the basis for a substantive, timely and joint oversight function of the respective Executive Boards;

5.        Requests UNFPA to propose to the other members of the United Nations Development Group the establishment of a working group with the objective of developing a common programme approval process, taking into consideration paragraphs 3 and 4 of the present decision;

6.        Requests UNFPA to report to the Executive Board at the annual session 2001on progress and future options in the programming process.

16 June 2000